When contacting our rooms to organise an appointment please ensure you advise staff if you have travelled anywhere overseas or if you been in diagnosed or been in close contact with anyone diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19.

Please also advise if you are exhibiting symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, a cold or temperature above 37 degrees.

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Experienced Keyhole Surgery

Gallbladder (stones), abdominal hernias and groin hernias are all treated with lower post operative pain, earlier recovery and excellent cosmetic outcomes. In most cases, incisions are tiny with minimal scarring.

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Focused Experience

Professor Falk has extensive experience in oesophageal diseases including reflux disease, hiatus hernia, cancer of the oesophagus and stomach and swallowing difficulties (achalasia and oesophageal spasm).

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Multidisciplinary Management

Diagnosis of the more complex upper gastrointestinal disease is performed in Professor Falk's laboratory in the Lindfield office and also with selected outstanding medical specialists as required.

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Surgical Pioneer

Professor Falk helped develop the processes involved in keyhole surgery (minimally invasive, laparoscopic) and has been a long term leader in the field. He continues to be active in the evolution of new techniques.

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